[fade]We do not treat teeth, we treat people.[/fade]


[fade]What We Do[/fade]

We rejuvenate, we reconstruct, we perform meticulously designed aesthetic improvements and, through prevention, we maintain the long-term dental health of our patients.




PREVENTION is the medical part of dentistry

It is not only the key to oral health, but an important contributor to overall health. It’s no surprise that the mouth is the gateway to the body, and how you treat it can impact your body's other systems.

Prevention at Behmard is a multifactorial process. Your complete examination looks not only at your gums, teeth, and jaw but also at your entire mouth to check for cancer. We also look at your dental history and together, we set expectations moving forward.



Gum and Tissue Health + Teeth Health + Jaw Health = Freedom from Disease


RECONSTRUCTION is the engineering and architectural part of dentistry

It is rebuilding of the damage caused to tissues (teeth, gum and bone) from decay, infection, and general wear and tear. In reconstruction teeth can be rebuilt or replaced. Gums can be recovered and bone can be augmented.

Teeth can be rebuilt with fillings and crowns.

Teeth can be replaced with implants or bridges and dentures.



AESTHETICS is the artistic part of dentistry

It is the process of improving the appearance of your teeth, i.e. colour, shape, size, and alignment in a way that is customized and consistent with your face and personality.