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As a young boy, I was not studious.  Recess was the highlight of my day. Then I met a teacher in Grade 9 who instilled in me a strong sense of confidence.   Her kind words and encouragement provided just the motivation I needed to apply myself and work hard. 

At that same time, I came across a series of career planning books. “So You Want to be a Dentist” caught my attention. As I read it, I felt a real connection to the journey of the dentist/writer, and on the strength of that feeling, I chose my path. 

Being a dentist allows me to provide relief from discomfort to those in need and to improve on the state of their oral health. In addition to providing care, I enjoy working with the inspired ergonomic design of dental instruments and tools.

After 30 years as a solo dentist in West Vancouver, I had the opportunity to join Dr. Behmard. I greatly enjoy being part of a larger team and have derived immense satisfaction from working in such like-mindedness.




1978 - BSc in Cell Biology, UBC

1982 - DMD from University of Manitoba

30 years practicing in West Vancouver

Surgical operating microscope user since 2003

Dental laser user of multiple wavelengths since 2003

CAD-CAM Cerec user since 2006

Board member & Newsletter editor: Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Board member & President: Vancouver & District Dental Society

CE Speaker: Institute of Laser Dentistry

Academy of Laser Dentistry

Vancouver Laser Group

International Congress of Oral Implantologists

UBC Mentorship Program

Host to Pacific Dental Conference speakers