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For some unknown reason, I decided in high school that I wanted to be a dentist or a ski bum. As things progressed, I discovered that I loved biology and woodworking, and ultimately decided the ski bum idea would not work out long term. Although I had considered medicine for a time, I was intrigued by how dentistry is both art and science, and as such, encompasses all of medicine, engineering, art, and ‘carpentry’.

I have practiced for 37 years and still enjoy my work a great deal. I am further engaged in my profession in the education of my peers in the field of dental insurance, fine gold dentistry and teaching clinical dentistry to dental students.  One of the proudest moments of my career was being made a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, an international honorary dental organization. It was a thrill to be recognized by my peers for my contributions to the field.




1981 – Doctor of Medical Dentistry, UBC

2010 – Present – UBC Student Peer Mentor

2012 – Secretary of the Canadian Association of Dental Consultants

2016 – 2017 – Dr. R.V. Tucker - Mentor

2016 – Present – Fellow of Pierre Fouchard Academy (an honorary organization recognizing outstanding dentists and celebrating their achievements)

Member:  Canadian Association of Dental Consultants

Member:  Dr. Richard V. Tucker Cast Gold Study Group - 20 years

Past Member:  American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry